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a man installing fences

A fence isn’t just a way to mark the boundary of your property—it’s also an important safety measure and an attractive outdoor design feature. Whether you’re installing a fence for safety reasons, aesthetic reasons, or both, it’s important that you understand a few fence installation basics. Your fencing equipment installation team can address your concerns and help ensure that you end up with an attractive, functional fence or gate.

If you’re installing a fence on your property line, it’s important that you consider your neighbor. For starters, you should make sure your border fence is actually along the property border to avoid legal troubles down the road. You should also determine whether your fence is chiefly for looks or if you want it to fulfill a specific purpose, such as enhancing privacy or protecting a pool. There are a number of other considerations—including utility lines, soil integrity, and gates—with which your fence contractor can help.

For more information about installing a fence, don’t hesitate to call A-1 Fence Inc. at 832-962-4765. We’ve been building high-quality fencing in San Jose for over 40 years.