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Galvanized Chain Link

Our chain link fences are high quality and cost-effective, so you can enjoy premium security at an affordable price. Chain link fences are great for yards, gardens, farms, industrial properties, and public facilities.

Chain link fences come in a range of heights that make them suitable for a variety of applications.

  • Shorter heights are commonly used in residential settings to reduce view obstructions.
  • Taller fences are usually selected for commercial use because of their increased level of security.

Chain link fence fabrics are also available in different gauges. The fence gauge measures the diameter of the actual woven fabric metal. The higher the gauge number, the less thick the metal is.

  • Smaller 11-gauge is commonly used for residential fences where children or pets are the concern.
  • Thicker 9-gauge material is more durable and used when a higher level of security is needed for commercial properties or businesses.

Poly Vinyl Coated

Poly vinyl coated chain link is when a vinyl coating is sealed around the galvanized chain link. This makes it better equipped to handle weathering over time. Vinyl presents a cleaner appearance and comes in a variety of color options.

Privacy Slats

Privacy slats are an effective way to provide areas with extra privacy and protection.

  • “Privacy Slats” are 2-3/8″ plastic inserts that are woven into galvanized or custom color-coated chain link fencing that offers moderate privacy. – “Privacy Plus Slats” include an added fin on each side of the slats to achieve a higher level of privacy.

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