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What Is an Iron Fence

Iron fences are made from a strong, durable iron that is more corrosion-resistant than standard steel fences. Iron fences are often used to secure perimeters and access points to yards, driveways, playgrounds, businesses, etc. Wrought Iron fences and gates are an aesthetically pleasing option that still provides dependable security.

Iron Styles fence

Iron Fence Styles

  • Regal
  • Aristocrat
  • Guardian
  • Modern
  • Empire
  • Napoleon
Gates Sample

Iron Gates

Iron gates provides added security for your property. These sturdy, durable access points will keep unwanted people, cars, or animals off your property, ensuring extra comfort and peace of mind knowing your private property remains private and secure. For residential properties, a gate can keep your children and pets safe. For business properties, an iron gate allow you to track who enters and exits, preventing unauthorized visitors.

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