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Frequently Asked Questions

What fencing services does A-1 Fence Inc provide?

Our fencing services include new fence installation, and repairs. We specialize in iron and chain link fencing and gates.

How long does a new fence installation take?

The timeframe for the installation of a new fence will vary according to the type being installed, its length and height, and specific site conditions. It may also vary according to how many projects we currently have in progress. You can rest assured no matter which type you choose, A-1 Fence Inc has the experience and equipment to provide the most cost-effective installation.

Is there a limit on how tall my new fence can be?

Many areas don’t allow residential fences to be higher than six feet in a backyard or four feet in a front yard. We suggest checking with your local homeowner’s association or building codes department to see if there are restrictions in your neighborhood before building your new fence.

Do you offer chain link fencing in different colors?

Although the standard color for chain link fencing is silver, we offer a vinyl-coated colored chain link in a variety of colors. Additionally, if you choose to include privacy slats on your chain link fence, the plastic inserts also have an array of color options.

Do you install wood fences?

We do not offer wood fencing options. We specialize in working with metal materials, like chain link and iron.

Can you install an automatic gate?

We do not install automated gates at this time. However, our manual gates have various lock and security options to keep your property secure.

How do I get a quote?

Please call our office at 408-259-2955 or message us through our website and provide your contact information and a short description of what type of work you are looking for. We will then contact you to schedule an estimator to visit the job site to take measurements and discuss options. The estimator will then collect the prices of the materials at our office and provide you with a free quote within one week of your initial meeting.

Does A-1 Fence handle city permits?

A-1 Fence is not responsible for acquiring permits. We recommend that customers get all appropriate permits before requesting a free estimate. If any regulations need to be abided, please notify the estimator.

When am I expected to pay for my fence?

Once the work is completed, we send an invoice via email or mail. 100% of the payment is expected upon completion.

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