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Fence damage can occur to any fencing material, even wrought iron. However, a strong fence should be difficult to damage, especially if it has received proper care during its lifetime. Continue reading to learn about the potential causes of fence damage.

Severe Natural Conditions

Though the weather is relatively mild in San Jose, there are times when severe weather conditions occur. The same can also be said for occasional earthquakes. Either of these natural conditions can potentially cause damage to a strong fence. Debris can hit the fence, or the ground can shift; these possibilities and more could mean future fence repairs.

Various Accidents

Accidents happen, whether it is children climbing a fence or a vehicle denting an iron gate. Even though these events are not done maliciously, they can still cause severe damage to even the strongest fence. As children climb up a fence, they may pull on a section and cause it to break or bend. Car accidents can irreparably damage the vehicle and the fence, if the accident was severe enough. Advise children to refrain from climbing on or near the fence, and always be aware of the surroundings when backing into or out of a fenced area.

Irregular Maintenance

Fences may not require much maintenance, but that does not mean they should be neglected. Chain link and iron fences should occasionally be washed with a mild detergent to prevent buildup of dirt and rust. If this mild maintenance is neglected, though, the fence may eventually break down and weaken in certain areas.

Improper Usage

If a fence is not used correctly, then it could sustain damage. When something is hung from the fence, or it is used to hold a heavy object upright, then the fence could soon be in need of fence repairs.

A-1 Fence Inc. is the company to call when fencing repairs in San Jose are needed. We specialize in manufacturing, repairing, and maintaining fences, so do not hesitate to call us at 832-962-4765.