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Chain link fencing offers a functional solution for homeowners or businesses looking to define property lines and secure yard space. The open weave in chain link fences gives a transparent appearance, which means there is no obstruction of sunlight from either side of the fence. However, chain link fences do add to your regular lawn maintenance routine. Because lawnmowers and weed-eaters cannot reach grass and weeds under a chain link fence, you need to prevent grass and weeds from growing under your chain link fence in the first place. To keep your fence line from looking messy and unkempt, here are some tips for preventing grass and weeds under your chain link fence.

chain fencing

Trench the Fence Line

For starters, mark a line at least six inches into the yard from the fence line using stakes and string. The string marks the edge of the area you will trench and mulch. Dig straight down a few inches deep along the string line with a sharp garden spade. Remove grass and weeds with the spade, using caution not to bend the bottom edge of the chain-link fence.

Spray Herbicide on Remaining Grass

If your San Jose chain link fence was installed over existing grass or weeds that you cannot remove with the spade, spray a premixed glyphosate herbicide to the grass or weeds under the chain link fence. This will ensure that the grass and weeds die before you cover the area with landscape fabric.

Cover With Landscape Fabric

Fill in the trench with mulch or small rocks and cover with landscape fabric. Press landscape staples about a foot apart through the edges of the fabric to hold it in place and cover with mulch or small rocks, such as pea gravel. Spread the material evenly over the fabric using your hands to avoid pulling up the staples.

Click here to learn more about chain link fencing and to learn about our solutions to your fence issues, have a look at our fencing services page.  We offer fence maintenancerepairs, and ornamental iron fencing that could address your concerns with grass beneath your fence.  Or give us a call today at 832-962-4765!