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There are many ways you can spruce up your property and enjoy a new look, and fencing in San Jose can be a substantial help. Once you have decided that you want fences or gates on your property, you will then have to narrow down your options regarding fence designs. Driveway gates can help to make your home a safer place while giving the neighborhood something nice to look at. Read on to find out what type of driveway gate is right for you.

security entryway gate


Once you have decided that you want a driveway gate for your property, the next step is to look at your options. It helps to think about why you want a driveway gate in the first place. If security ranks at the top of the list, a slide gate may be your best bet. This type of gate often makes use of a magnetic lock that can make it very difficult for criminals to break in. It is also wise to choose a fence design that is not easy to climb over; wrought iron fences with slightly spaced slats tend to be advisable choices for this purpose. You can also top your driveway gate with spikes or posts that make it even more difficult to climb over.


The right type of driveway gate can significantly improve your curb appeal and give you something to talk about at the next block party. Driveway gates come in all kinds of designs, but dual-swinging gates may be your best bet when it comes to aesthetics. These gates swing open from the middle and welcome guests into your driveway with an air of elegance and luxury.


Driveway gates can help you keep stray animals off your property while keeping your pets close to home. Choose a fence design that is tall enough that your pets cannot jump over them and escape your supervision. A tall enough fence will also prevent other neighborhood pets from making their way into your driveway. Be sure that any vertical slats and pickets are close enough together that animals cannot squeeze through them.