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two worker working near fences

Part of preparing for a fence installation involves examining your property. Your property’s landscaping is going to affect how and where your fence is installed. Let’s take a closer look at how your property may affect your new fence installation.

Your fence installation could be affected by nearby utility lines, uneven landscaping, and the condition of your property’s ground. Fences need to be established a few feet in the ground, making it necessary to use a lot of fencing equipment to achieve the desired depth. If your property is severely unleveled, or there is landscaping in the way, then you may need to call in a separate professional to fix your property’s landscape. In the event your utility lines are in the way, then you will need to make the necessary calls to have these lines moved and out of the way before the installation begins.

Trust the experts at A-1 Fence Inc. to install your fence quickly and correctly. We don’t let much get in the way of a great fence or gate installation. Give us a call at 408-259-2955 to learn more about how we will install your new fence in San Jose.