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fencing near a house

Your home’s curb appeal influences your home’s value. It can increase or decrease even over a missing or ugly fence. Consider these tips to ensure your home’s curb appeal is not affected by your fencing.

Tip #1: Add a Vining Hedge

Prospective homebuyers love to see a garden of green and colorful flowers in the front yard. By installing a new chain link fence, you can encourage vines and other bushes to grow up and around your new fence. These vines and hedges can block out noise pollution, and they provide beautiful and natural pieces of artwork for future homebuyers. Depending on the plants you choose, the process of growing a hedge into your fence may take up to a year or more—start planning your fence design before you sell.

Tip #2: Update Old Fencing

If your fence and gate have seen better days, then it is time to retire your old fence and update to a better, stronger material. Your home’s curb appeal and overall value can decrease significantly if your fence is falling down, cracking, or rusted. Stay on top of your fence’s maintenance, and when it comes time to replace, look for a newer material that can withstand the common weather conditions of your area. A new fence will attract homebuyers, and it will increase the value of your home.

Tip #3: Define Your Borders

The main function of a fence is to create a border between your house and those next to you. If there is no fence to mark that border, then potential homebuyers may refrain from purchasing your home. Homebuyers want a house that is livable when they walk in, which makes it crucial to install a new fence right away. Establishing a fence can also help to prevent future border squabbles between neighbors.

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