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A-1 Fence has more than 38 years of experience building fences in San Jose. Whether you are considering an ornamental iron fence or chain link fence, we have the tools and experience to design the perfect fence for you. But before you start shopping for a yard fence, keep these factors in mind to help you find a fence that’s durable, attractive, and suited to your needs.

wood fencing image


Are you building a fence primarily for decoration, or are there practical purposes—such as privacy, safety, and security—that are important to you as well? Pinpoint the primary purposes that the fence will serve. Your fence contractors will use this information to help you determine which materials to use, how tall to make the fence, the overall design of the fence, and more.


There is a wide range of fence materials to choose from. If you want something decorative, durable, and classic, we recommend ornamental iron fencing. At A-1 Fence, we manufacture many different custom wrought iron fences that add beauty and timeless style to your yard. Wrought iron is very durable, and can last many years if it is painted routinely to prevent corrosion.

Neighborhood Rules

Before installing a fence, check with your neighborhood association (NA) if you have one. If you build a fence against NA rules, you may have to remove the fence or pay a fine. Many homeowners also like to check with their neighbors to be sure the fence location and height is agreeable.


Professional installation is highly recommended if you want your San Jose fence to hold up for years to come. As you contact fence contractors, check to see how many years of experience they have and whether they can provide you with a portfolio and references.


If you are installing a fence in the front yard, ask your fence contractor to show you pictures of different driveway gates. Iron gates are a beautiful addition to the yard that will raise the value of your home while offering enhanced security.