• Which Gate Do I Need for My Home or Business?

    If you’re installing a new fence for your home or business, you’ll need to choose the right gate. Especially if you’re installing a fence for security, the gate you choose is an essential part of keeping your property secure. No matter how impenetrable your fence may be, if the gate isn’t up to par, the security won’t be either. How do you choose? Here are some factors to consider.

    • First, consider the purpose of your gate. Are you putting it in for security, or simply to improve the façade? Once you identify the reason you need a gate, you’ll be better able to narrow down your options.
    • Aesthetic appeal is important. The architectural style of your home or business should inform your choice of gate. Some gates, like those made of wrought iron, work well for a variety of styles. On the other hand, some gates only work for a very specific style. You would be unlikely to choose a galvanized steel gate, for instance, for anything other than a contemporary home or business.
    • Consider the practical aspects. These include things like maintenance the gate will require, ease of installation, durability, and your budget. It’s also wise to consider the size of your property so that you can choose a gate that’s proportionately appropriate.
    • There are several types of gates from which to choose:
      • The swing gate, as its name implies, swings in or out. It can have one gate panel or two, depending on the size you need, but it’s not a good choice if the area around the gate is sloped.
      • The sliding gate comes in two types: rolling and cantilever. Each of these gate types slides, but the rolling one has wheels, while the cantilever simply slides along a track. These gates are perfect for sloped ground but need a good deal of space on either side.
      • A vertical pivot gate moves up and down like a railway crossing gate. This is an excellent option for a small space but can be expensive and cumbersome.
      • Folding gates are great space savers because they fold in on themselves. They come in a wide range of styles, from simple to ornate, and can be temporary or permanent, depending on your needs.
      • Vertical lift gates slide on a vertical track. They work well when you’re short of space, and can either raise into the air or disappear into the ground.

    Whether you need a gate or a whole new fence, you can trust A-1 Fence to install it and stand behind our work. We’re a locally owned and operated company with more than 40 years of experience, committed to providing fast and efficient work with a personalized feel. We’re fully licensed, bonded, and insured, and are proud of our reputation for quality work. For more information or a free estimate, contact us through our website or call 408-824-1693.

  • 5 Reasons to Start Designing Your Spring Landscape Now

    If you’re like many people, you’re tired of winter and ready for spring. That’s all the more reason to start thinking about your spring landscaping. Why wait? Design your spring landscape now, and you’ll be prepared once the ground thaws and the clouds lift.

    • Your yard takes up a lot of space. If you look at the yard as an extension of your home, it’s the biggest room in the house. If you were going to redecorate a room, you’d take your time to establish a plan, wouldn’t you? There’s no reason you shouldn’t take the same type of care when you’re landscaping. Consider hiring a professional landscape designer to help you create a design that works with your home’s architecture.
    • During the winter months, you have time to think about priorities. Consider your budget and your list of ideas, prioritizing your list of thoughts in order to stretch the budget. What are your family’s current needs? Will they change any time soon? Establish a loose idea of your wishes and a solid sense of your budget before you enlist the help of a professional.
    • It’s smart to start early because makeovers take time. It will take time to create a plan, particularly if you’re communicating that plan with a designer. When you start in the off-season, you have time to plan, even if you need to modify that plan. What’s more, landscape designers are more accessible in the winter when it’s not as busy, so you’ll have a better opportunity for personal attention.
    • Sometimes, outdoor makeovers require permits. Permits can take a while to be processed: the average is 4-6 weeks. Because you’ll need your permits approved before you can begin any kind of construction, it’s smart to apply well in advance of when you plan to complete your project.
    • Schedules are more open in the winter. Your pace is probably slower, giving you more time to make decisions, and as noted, landscape designers have more time. What’s more, when you give advanced notice to the professionals who can make your vision a reality, you’re more likely to get the plum spots on their spring schedules.

    Overall, planning your spring landscaping during the winter months is just a good way to reduce stress and pave the way for your plan to go smoothly. If that plan involves a new fence, you can trust A-1 Fence to install it and stand behind our work. We’re a locally owned and operated company with more than 40 years of experience, committed to providing fast and efficient work with a personalized feel. We’re fully licensed, bonded, and insured, and are proud of our reputation for quality work. For more information or a free estimate, contact us through our website or call 408-824-1693.

  • Simple Strategies for Keeping Your Chain Link Fence Looking Its Best

    Commercial Rust Removal Products for Chain Link Fence

    Chain link fences are pretty durable, but since they are exposed to the elements 24/7, a little maintenance is necessary from time to time. Every few months, walk along the boundary of the fence and inspect it for signs of damage from wear and tear. Make a note of any rusted areas, and address those quickly to prevent further rusting.

    Light Cleaning

    A chain link fence that is only lightly dusty or strewn with cobwebs is simple to clean. Just take a broom and sweep it. This also works well for grass trimmings that get caught in the chain link.

    Moderate Cleaning

    Dirt and grime that resist your efforts with a broom will need a bit more attention. Set your hose spray nozzle to a concentrated jet of water, and clean the fence with plain water. Some caked-on grime might not come off the first time. If necessary, you can mix some natural borax powder in a bucket of water. Decant the solution into the sprayer and hose down the fence again. Let the diluted borax sit on the fence panels for about 10 minutes before rinsing off with plain water. Wear rubber gloves if you need to scrub any stubborn areas.

    Rust Removal

    A fence maintenance company can correct rusty posts and panels for you. Or, if only a small area is rusted, you can put on work gloves and use steel wool to buff it out. Commercial rust removal products are also available. Read the label carefully before using these products, and use plain water to rinse the fence well afterward.

    Oil Application

    You can keep your chain link fence functioning at its best by applying a little oil now and then. The hinges on the gate need oil. You should also oil the latches, springs, and joints.

    In addition to offering new installations, A-1 Fence Inc. is pleased to offer maintenance services. We can provide ongoing maintenance, aesthetic enhancements, and repair services for any chain link fence in the San Jose area. Call (408) 259-2955 to request information about our competitive rates.

  • Is Your Yard Ready for Your Fence Installation?

    Designing Your Fence in San Jose

    Much of the preparation work for installing a new fence will be done while the professionals prepare your estimate. They’ll determine how much material is needed, how deep to dig the post holes, and where the boundaries of the fence will be. There are only a few things you need to do before your property is ready for the fencing equipment.

    First, take a look at the landscaping nearest the future boundaries of the new fence. Trim back any bushes or shrubs, if need be. This just makes it a little easier for the professionals to install the fencing, and for them to ensure your landscaping isn’t affected during the process. Second, on the day of the installation, keep your pets and children indoors.

    Our customers love A-1 Fence Inc. because of the respect and courtesy our professional installers have for each home we work at. Get started designing your fence in San Jose by calling us at (408) 259-2955.

  • How to Select the Right Privacy Fence

    Privacy Fence by A-1 Fence Inc in San Jose, CA

    Privacy fences must serve multiple purposes. To be effective, they should improve the home’s security, contribute positively to the aesthetics of the property, and of course, give the family some much-needed privacy in the yard or pool. One common misconception about privacy fences is that they must always be made of solid wood panels. But in fact, ornamental wrought iron fences and chain link fences offer more room for creativity. Consider the following factors when planning your home improvement project.

    Match the style of the fence to the style of your home.

    The outdoor living space should flow seamlessly into the indoor living space. After all, if your home is built in a classic Victorian style, then you probably wouldn’t want to use Tudor-style trim, right? Walkout to the edge of your yard and spend some time looking at your home. Reflect on the textures, colors, and ornamental details, and keep this information in mind when you choose a privacy fence.

    Choose the right fence height.

    Next, consider the boundaries for your new privacy fence. Do you want to encase your entire plot, or do you just want to fence in the pool or backyard? Where your fence will be located will influence its ideal height. Generally, taller fences work well when they are extended around much of the property. If you’re just fencing in a backyard water feature, then building a tall fence around it might seem overwhelming when you’re sitting in the hot tub.

    Select unique touches for your privacy fence.

    Homeowners often don’t consider chain link or ornamental iron fences ideal for privacy because the other side of the fence is visible through it. But this actually allows you to put your own unique touch on the fence. One aesthetically pleasing option is to roll out bamboo reed mats  along the fence. These mats are visually tasteful, and they offer a privacy screen. A longer-lasting option is a mesh windscreen. Fence screens are wind- and water-permeable, and they offer privacy.

    A-1 Fence Inc. is a premier provider of high-quality ornamental iron and chain link fences for homeowners in San Jose. Check out our online gallery of fence designs to get inspired for your home improvement project. Then, give us a call at (408) 259-2955 to get started.

  • Can You Paint a Chain Link Fence?

    Chain link fences make excellent dog fences. They’re also ideal for keeping wildlife out of gardens. You can paint the chain link to make it blend in better with the rest of your property. Another option is to purchase a chain link fence that has already been coated. Black and green colors are commonly available.

    If you’ve already installed a plain chain link fence and you’d like to paint it, watch this video for some quick tips. The man featured in it recommends letting the fence oxidize in the weather for a few months before painting it, or you can coat it with vinegar to accelerate the oxidation process.

    A-1 Fence Inc. offers free estimates for fencing services in San Jose who are interested in chain link fence installation. Call 408-259-2955, and ask us about our vinyl-coated chain link fences.  Have a look at our site to learn about chain link fences.

  • Increasing Your Curb Appeal with Ornamental Iron Fencing

    Ornamental Iron Fence in San Jose

    Owning a home is the American dream. One of the many benefits of homeownership is the ability to customize your property any way you wish—as long as it’s in compliance with local codes, of course. You’ve probably patched and painted your home once or twice, but are you really getting the most out of your property? Take a step outdoors and consider whether your curb appeal needs some work. An ornamental iron fence could be what your yard needs to make it stand out from the rest of the neighborhood.

    The Beauty of Ornamental Iron

    If you’re looking to break free from the “sameness” of the properties in your neighborhood, then an iron fence is the perfect choice for you. Ornamental iron can be custom-designed to your preferences. The fencing company will evaluate your property and explain your recommended options for beautifying your property. Your wrought iron fence can be as ornate or simplistic as you prefer. Iron fences usually feature ornate details along the top and sometimes in the middle. Some iron fences are comprised of stylistic designs throughout the entire structure. Any design you choose will instantly evoke the aesthetics of a formal estate or manor home.

    The Practicality and Functionality of Ornamental Iron

    Nothing beats ornamental iron for durability. The strong metal lasts for generations, and withstands severe weather well. It’s also a practical fencing choice, since little maintenance is required to keep it looking like new.

    The Effect of Ornamental Iron on Your Property Value

    Curb appeal is a point of pride with homeowners. It’s also a matter of finances. The more appealing a home is, the higher a price it will fetch. Even if you aren’t planning to put your home on the market , boosting its curb appeal with beautiful iron fencing will increase its value.

    When you’re ready to improve your home’s value and curb appeal, give A-1 Fence Inc . a call at (408) 259-2955. Our company is known for elegant fence designs for both residential and commercial properties. We’ll work closely with you to ensure that your wrought iron fence project in San Jose exceeds your expectations.

  • Can You Grow Shrubs Along a Chain Link Fence?

    There are many advantages to installing a chain link fence around your property. They are sturdy, secure, and low-maintenance. Plus, they’re incredibly durable. But many homeowners decide that they want to improve the aesthetic appeal and privacy of their yards by landscaping the fence line. Watch this video for some quick tips on planting shrubs.

    The horticulturalist featured here has planted ficus shrubs along his chain link fence. He recommends spacing the shrubs about 24 inches apart. As they grow, keep the forward growth trimmed to encourage them to grow closer together and form a hedge.

    To truly beautify your yard in San Jose , start with a brand-new chain link fence. Call A-1 Fence Inc. at (408) 259-2955 and ask us about our fence designs.

  • Factors to Consider When Choosing the Perfect Fence

    Fencing Company Install a Gate Across Your Driveway in San Jose

    Your perfect fence isn’t the same as anyone else’s perfect fence. Each home and yard is unique, and so are each family’s preferences. To ensure that you’ll be satisfied with your fencing for years to come, invest plenty of time into researching your choices. The professionals can come out to your property and discuss your goals for the outcome. Their advice will guide your decision-making process.


    Privacy is a major concern for many homeowners living in suburban and urban areas. Either a wrought iron fence or a chain link fence can add privacy to your property. After it’s installed, plant shrubs and climbing plants along the fence. The greenery will enclose your yard in the beauty of nature.


    If security is your primary concern, then you can have the fencing company install a gate across your driveway to completely enclose your property. Ornamental iron fences and gates are ideal for improving your family’s security. Consider choosing an iron fence that features spikes along the top to discourage climbers.


    Some families are more interested in ease of access than security. Instead of a gate, consider using offset fence panels. Staggering individual panels can strategically conceal your home and yard, while still allowing easy access through the property.


    Regardless of your primary motives for having fencing installed around your property, you’re undoubtedly also concerned with the home’s aesthetic appeal. Arguably, the most beautiful type of fencing is ornamental iron. You can choose from a wide range of ornamental fence designs to complement the style of your home.


    Pet parents tend to prioritize the security and safety of their furry companions. Chain link fences are ideal for keeping dogs inside the yard, or within a specially designated dog run. Chain link is also a good choice for keeping backyard chickens safe from predators, especially if it extends below the ground.

    No matter what your needs and preferences are, we can help you find the perfect fencing solution for your home in San Jose. A-1 Fence Inc. is locally owned and operated, with over 40 years of experience. Call (408) 259-2955 today to request your free estimate.

  • The Benefits of Installing a Decorative Iron Fence

    Installing A Decorative Iron Fence in San Jose, CA

    Decorative iron fences —also often referred to as ornamental iron and wrought iron—are some of the most sought-after types of fencing available. They are both practical and aesthetically pleasing, and they can work for almost any home or office site. If you’re looking for a fence and wondering about the benefits of wrought iron, here are just some of the advantages of this kind of fencing.

    Long-Term Value

    Decorative iron fences are highly prized by home shoppers. After you install one of these kinds of fences, you will reap the rewards when it is time to put your home on the market. Having a decorative iron fence will make your home stand out from other similar properties. Because buyers are interested in this kind of curb appeal-boosting fence , they are willing to pay more for it. Your decorative fence could add to the value of your home even many years into the future.


    You don’t have to be interested in selling your home to get the most from a decorative iron fence. The aesthetic appeal is something you can enjoy, as well. Decorative iron fencing is extremely versatile, so you can get it in nearly any design you prefer, from abstract designs to specific shapes and visuals. Additionally, the designs of decorative iron fences don’t obscure views, thanks to ample open spaces, so you can enjoy the look of your fence without sacrificing your window to the world outside your property.


    Iron is an extremely strong material to choose for your fence. Because decorative iron is galvanized, you don’t have to worry about rusting, and the strength of the iron means that your fence can stand up to the elements. Very little maintenance is required to keep iron fences in top condition for many years to come.

    Could a decorative iron fence be right for your property in San Jose? A-1 Fence Inc. can help you design, install, and maintain fencing for your home or business, including decorative iron fences and automatic gates. Call us today at (408) 259-2955 to learn more about our services.