• How is Chain Link Fence Made?

    Chain link fencing is everywhere, but have you ever stopped and wondered how it’s made? The process is quite interesting, as chain link fences are knit or woven together. It all starts with a giant spool of galvanized steel or aluminum wire. A machined straightens out the wire, which is then fed into various “knitting” machines where it is cross-weaved with other pieces of wire to create the iconic chain link design.

    Watch this video from the National Film Board of Canada to see how a chain link fence comes together in the factory. If you’re in need of a new fence around your home or business, contact a fence builder in San Jose to learn more about the benefits of using chain link fencing. Your fencing contractor can also tell you if chain link is appropriate for your fencing needs and recommend alternatives if it is not.

  • A Look Behind the Metal Fence Manufacturing Process

    Businesses all around the world rely on temporary metal fencing for a variety of purposes, from crowd control and traffic direction to theft prevention and security. The process of manufacturing metal fencing starts with a large spool of galvanized steel. The metal passes through a series of machines where it is cut and welded together to form the fencing panels. Watch this video to see how a metal fence is manufactured at a large-scale fencing plant.

    If you could benefit from a metal fence, contact a fencing contractor in San Jose. While temporary and chain link fences are ideal for commercial properties and industrial applications, metal fencing is also great for residential properties as garden fencing, dog fending, and even property fencing.