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Legal Document

Constructing a fence can add style, value, and security to your property. Before you hire a fencing contractor to build a new fence on your property, however, you will need to ensure that your plans are in compliance with local codes and regulations. In the city of San Jose, certain types of fences require permits, while others do not. To help you prepare for your project, here is a brief tour of fencing permit requirements in San Jose.

Fences That Don’t Require Permits

As you are getting ready to build a new fence on your property, you will need to read up on local permit requirements. Many common residential fences do not require permits. If your fence is less than seven feet in height and constructed in compliance with local codes and regulations, you typically will not need a permit before you begin construction.

Fences That Require Permits

While many types of fences do not need permits from the city, there are certain types of fences that do. If you will be building a pool fence that encloses a pool or spa area, it is important to obtain a permit for your construction. Fences that serve as retaining walls must also receive permits before they are built.

Permit Application Process

Applying for a permit from the city of San Jose is a straightforward process. If you have determined that your new fence is eligible for a permit, simply contact the San Jose Building Division. Your fence contractor can also help you negotiate the permitting process by contacting the Building Division on your behalf.

For additional information about fencing in San Jose , contact A-1 Fence, Inc. Our company specializes in cast iron fences, and we can build you a sturdy and beautiful fence that will remain beautiful for many years to come. To schedule an initial consultation for your new fence construction project, give us a call at 832-962-4765.