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When you consider all the benefits of chain link fencing, it’s no wonder chain link is one of the most popular fencing options in the world. Chain link fences are inexpensive, easy to install, highly effective, and surprisingly versatile. If you’re thinking about adding a new fence around your property, here are some tips for using chain link fencing. Your San Jose fence builder can tell you more about the benefits of chain link and help you design the perfect chain link fence for any application.

chain link fence

Uses and Applications

Chain link is appropriate for any number of different fencing applications around your yard. The strong and flexible nature of chain link makes it a popular fencing materials for garden fences, dog fences, tennis court and batting cage fencing, and general property line fencing. Just talk with a fence contractor in your area to learn whether chain link is appropriate for the type of fence you want to build around your yard.


One of the drawbacks people claim about chain link fencing is that it’s not the most interesting or aesthetically pleasing fencing option available. While this may be true (at least for some people), there are plenty of ways to improve the look of your chain link fencing if the appearance of your fence is important. One of the best ways to improve the look of a chain link fence is to have the chain link painted. Chain link is also ideal for growing vines and plants, which can add a beautiful, natural look to your fence.

Care and Maintenance

One of the biggest reasons people love chain link fencing is that chain link is a very low-maintenance material. Compared to other popular fencing materials like vinyl, wood, and wrought iron, chain link is almost maintenance free. In terms of caring for your fence, spray chain link fencing with a garden hose to remove dirt, spider webs, and plant debris. Scrub off developing rust with a wire brush.