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Homeowners have a wide range of choices to make when it comes to their home fencing options. For many homeowners, a wrought iron fence in San Jose is a great way to add a more attractive feature to their property. While wrought iron fences are aesthetically pleasing, they also require some additional maintenance that other fences may not. Even though iron fences are built to last a lifetime, exposure to the elements can leave iron susceptible to rust. Rust can compromise the integrity of the fence’s structure. To keep your wrought iron fence in tip-top shape year after year, this article will offer tips on maintenance essentials.

Take Preventative Measures

Just like many housekeeping tasks, preventative measures can be more effective than reactive maintenance. In climates where there is high moisture due to rain and humidity, there is more of a risk for rust on your fence. Applying a protective sealant or wax will help prevent rust from forming. Painting the fence can also minimize oxidization, as there is less contact between the iron and air. With limited exposure, there is less of a chance that rust will develop.

Perform Maintenance and Cleaning

Even with a protective sealant or paint, it is still important to regularly clean a wrought iron fence. Cleaning the fence is simple and can be done with warm water and dish soap. A clean fence will not only look better, but it will make it easier to spot any areas in need of attention. You should inspect your wrought iron fence for any signs of rust, dents, or chips in paint, if applicable.

Complete Repairs and Other Fixes

When damage is spotted right away, most issues with a wrought iron fence are easy to fix. If signs of rust are spotted, the area should be sanded or scrubbed to remove the rust and prevent further corrosion. If a fence has been bent or dented, it can be easily fixed with the right tools. In some cases, it may be best to hire professionals to fix major issues.