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Iron Fence

Chain link fences offer a versatile and affordable means of adding a barrier to your property. However, because these structures are made of galvanized steel, they can be vulnerable to corrosion and rust. To help keep your new chain link fence looking great long-term, consider painting it using the following steps:


First, think about your fence’s age. If it is quite new and was installed less than 6 months ago, then contact the manufacturer or installer to learn how long you should wait before painting it. Next, examine your fence because you want to be certain that the structure is free of rust before you begin painting. You can use a wire brush to remove any areas of rust that you find. Now, make sure that your fence is clean and then trim any grass that’s growing along your fence line. Finally, slide your cardboard or drop cloths beneath the structure.


Before you begin the painting process, be sure that your fence is completely dry. If the structure is free of moisture, then you can start by mixing your chain link fence paint and pouring it into a paint tray. Now, wet a paint roller with paint and then drag it along the fence in a diagonal direction. Do this on both sides and then use a paint brush to touch up areas you missed and paint the top and bottom of the fence.


With your fence painted, you’re ready to begin the cleanup process. Gather up your brushes, rollers, paint tray, and cardboard by bundling them in the drop cloths and then disposing of them. If you notice that any paint got onto your lawn, then simply trim the blades with a bag attached to your mower. Finally, give your fence a few days to dry before disturbing it.

If you’re in need of fencing equipment or a new chain link fence in San Jose, then look no further than A-1 Fence Inc. Please call 832-962-4765 for details about our products and services.