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If you are considering building a fence made of ornamental iron in San Jose, A-1 Fence Inc. can design and build the perfect fence for you. Whether your yard is flat, slightly sloped, or significantly sloped, we have the experience and tools to install an attractive and durable fence. Read on to learn more about how we can build an ornamental iron fence on your sloped yard to serve your particular fencing needs.

metal fenfing

Boundary Fencing

If security and privacy are not as important as simply defining the boundaries of your yard or property, an ornamental iron fence will offer traditional beauty. To build the wrought iron fence so that it can accommodate the slope of the yard, your fence contractors will need to use stair-stepped fence panels or fence panels that can follow the curve of the ground.

Containment and Security

If your ornamental iron fence needs to keep pets in or wildlife out, then it needs to be built with minimal gaps at the bottom. A contractor will build the fence with rackable fence panels, which follow the contour of the ground and ensure a consistent gap for enhanced security. Iron is an excellent material for this kind of fence, as it gives the rackable panels an open design that is conducive to easy adjustments.


A shadowbox design with staggered pickets or lattice design covered with climbing vines will provide the privacy you are looking for in an ornamental iron fence. The fence contractor will step the fence panels so that each panel follows the slope or install custom panels that are adapted to the slope.


If you want your ornamental iron fence to function as a freestanding screen or decorative backdrop, the installation process will be straightforward. On a slight slope the fence will be built so that the bottom is parallel with the slope. But on a severe slope, the fence will be installed so that its vertical lines are perfectly straight and perpendicular with the ground.