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Pools can be a lot of fun for homeowners, but they can also be very dangerous if you install one in a yard that doesn’t have the proper fencing around it. By installing a pool fence, you can significantly reduce the risk associated with having a pool and prevent your children and pets from accessing it when you aren’t around. Check out some ways that you can use fencing to make your pool area safer.

Pick Out a Fence That Is at Least Four Feet Tall

If you install a pool fence that is less than four feet tall, there will be some children and even pets that will be able to jump right over it. Many towns and cities require pool fences to be at least four feet tall , if not taller. By working with a reliable fencing company in San Jose, you will be able to pick out a tall fence that protects your pool area.

Choose Fencing That Children Won’t Be Able to Climb

There are certain types of fencing, like chain link fencing, that are very easy to climb. Therefore, you shouldn’t install them around a pool. If you do, they will do little to keep small children out since they will be able to climb right over them. Select a pool fence that is difficult to climb so there’s no chance of kids getting into your pool area by scaling your fence.

Install a Gate on Your Pool Fence That Latches Automatically

The gate that you put on your pool fence should open outward. It should also close on its own and latch when it shuts. Additionally, the latch for the gate should be located towards the top of your fencing and should be childproof. This will stop children from opening the gate when you are not by the pool to supervise them.

A-1 Fence Inc. can help you find the right pool fence for your property. Contact us at 832-962-4765 to start shopping for pool fencing. We have helped countless homeowners in San Jose and the surrounding areas protect their pools with high-performance and aesthetically-pleasing pool fencing.