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Wrought iron fences are attractive and durable, but they do require more maintenance and upkeep than other types of fencing. One easy way to refresh your wrought iron fence is to apply a fresh paint job every 3 to 5 years. Watch this video for tips on painting a wrought iron fence.

For starters, you’ll need to remove rust and paint chips using a power drill with wire brush attachment, rigid bristle brush, steel wool, or sanding sponges. You will then need to apply red metal primer. Once the fence is properly primed, it’s time to apply specialty metal paint formulated specifically for use on outdoor metals.

A fresh paint job can take care of cosmetic issues, but it won’t do anything to restore the strength or durability of an old fence. If your fence is bent, severely rusted, or simply looks outdated, contact your fencing company in San Jose to request an estimate on a new wrought iron fence. You may also ask your San Jose fence contractor to inspect your wrought iron fence to determine whether repair or replacement is best.