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Wooden gate

Privacy fences must serve multiple purposes. To be effective, they should improve the home’s security, contribute positively to the aesthetics of the property, and of course, give the family some much-needed privacy in the yard or pool. One common misconception about privacy fences is that they must always be made of solid wood panels. But in fact, ornamental wrought iron fences and chain link fences offer more room for creativity. Consider the following factors when planning your home improvement project.

Match the Style of the Fence to the Style of Your Home.

The outdoor living space should flow seamlessly into the indoor living space. After all, if your home is built in a classic Victorian style, then you probably wouldn’t want to use Tudor-style trim, right? Walkout to the edge of your yard and spend some time looking at your home. Reflect on the textures, colors, and ornamental details, and keep this information in mind when you choose a privacy fence.

Choose the Right Fence Height

Next, consider the boundaries for your new privacy fence. Do you want to encase your entire plot, or do you just want to fence in the pool or backyard? Where your fence will be located will influence its ideal height. Generally, taller fences work well when they are extended around much of the property. If you’re just fencing in a backyard water feature, then building a tall fence around it might seem overwhelming when you’re sitting in the hot tub.

Select Unique Touches for Your Privacy Fence

Homeowners often don’t consider chain link or ornamental iron fences ideal for privacy because the other side of the fence is visible through it. But this actually allows you to put your own unique touch on the fence. One aesthetically pleasing option is to roll out bamboo reed mats  along the fence. These mats are visually tasteful, and they offer a privacy screen. A longer-lasting option is a mesh windscreen. Fence screens are wind- and water-permeable, and they offer privacy.

A-1 Fence Inc. is a premier provider of high-quality ornamental iron and chain link fences for homeowners in San Jose. Check out our online gallery of fence designs to get inspired for your home improvement project. Then, give us a call at 832-962-4765 to get started.