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a man fixing fences

When you install new fencing on your property, you can rest assured that your fence is durable and built to withstand many different scenarios. In the event that your fence becomes accidentally damaged, your fence contractor will provide you with prompt repair services. To help you avoid the need for emergency fence repair, here is a look at how you can protect your fence from some of the most common types of damage.

Extreme Weather

When a storm strikes in your area, your fence could be at risk of becoming significantly damaged. To help protect your fence from the types of damage that can occur during a storm, you will want to keep your property properly maintained at all times. Cleaning up fallen branches and other forms of debris will help to ensure that your fence is not bombarded with flying materials during a storm.

Accidental Wear and Tear

Most fences are not designed to support the weight of animals, children, or other forms of weight. When a child attempts to climb your fence during playtime, he or she could cause it to buckle or break. To prevent accidental wear and tear, and to protect the safety of your children, you will want to instruct your kids to never play on or around your fence.

Car Accidents

If your fence is located near a road, you will want to take any steps that are needed to prevent a vehicle from accidentally hitting your fence. Displaying proper signage can help drivers see your fence more easily, thereby helping to prevent an accident. You may also consider painting your fence in a bright shade that promotes better visibility.

If you have questions about fence maintenance and repair, be sure to contact A-1 Fence Inc. by calling 832-962-4765. We specialize in quality fence designs and gates in San Jose, and our team can help you maintain your fence to perfection. Call us today to schedule repairs for your broken fence.