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Damaged Top Rail on a Chain Link Fence Repair

A chain link fence will provide your property with exceptional security and durability. While this type of fencing is known for its long lasting performance, there may come a time when you need to contact your fencing contractor to schedule professional repairs. If the top rail on your chain link fence gets damaged, you will need to fix this problem right away. Here is a closer look at how a professional can repair a damaged top rail on a chain link fence.

Remove the Damaged Rail

The first step of fixing a damaged top rail on a chain link fence is to completely remove the damaged section. Since your fence’s rail will typically be screwed into place, your contractor may need to use heavy pliers to pull the rail off of its mountings. Once the rail has been lifted, the rest of the repairs can be performed.

Hammer the Rail Ends in Place

When a top rail gets damaged, its bolts and brackets may become misaligned. In order to fix your damaged top rail, your contractor may need to hammer the rail ends so that they sit straight. A large, powerful hammer will be used to knock the metal ends into the correct position.

Reattach the Rail Section

Once the brackets and bolt holes are in position, your contractor will be ready to reattach the rail section. Metal bolts will be used to firmly screw the rail into place. Once your contractor is satisfied that the rail is sitting properly, the repair process will be over.

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