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A new fence can do wonders for your home. Not only will it provide security, increase your privacy, and offer protection from the elements, but it will also improve your home’s curb appeal. However, despite all the benefits of a residential fence, you shouldn’t rush out and have a fence built before you’re ready. Here are some important factors to consider before you contact a fence contractor in San Jose about building your new fence.

a house with garden view

Property Line

The best advice for anyone thinking about building a new fence is to have the property boundaries professionally determined. This is especially important if you have a neighbor. Installing a fence on your neighbor’s property by accident can result in the entire fence needing to be torn down and installed just a few inches away—a small mistake that can cost thousands of dollars.

Building Codes and HOA Rules

Once you know where your property boundaries lie, check with local building codes and HOA rules regarding residential fences. HOAs often restrict the size and color of residential fencing, so check to be sure that your fence design doesn’t violate any rules that may result in a fine or needing to tear down your newly installed fence.

Material Choices

Before you decide on any new fence, research all material choices to make the most informed decision possible. When researching fencing materials, pay attention to things like cost, maintenance requirements, longevity, and available colors and/or finishes. Your local San Jose fencing company can provide examples of different materials and offer professional insights and advice to help you pick the right material for you.

Installation Arrangements

Before your fence contractor arrives to install your new fence, ask how long the installation will take and what kind of disruptions it will cause around your home and make the necessary arrangements. For example, if your driveway will be unavailable due to fencing materials and equipment staging, make arrangements to park on the street or at a neighbor’s house.