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Chain link fence designs

If you are looking for a durable and affordable fencing solution, you may want to consider installing a chain link fence on your property. Chain link fence designs can be constructed to meet your specific needs for security and privacy. With the assistance of a fencing company offering ironworks in San Jose, you can ensure that you are able to create the perfect chain link fence for your home or business. In order to get the most out of your fence project, it is a great idea to plan ahead for your design and layout. Here is a look at some top tips for creating a chain link fence design.

Consider Colors

While you may think of chain link fences as being metallic in color, today’s chain link fence options include a versatile range of colors. As you are planning your chain link fence design, you may want to ask your fencing company about your vinyl coated fencing options. Vinyl coating can be used to provide your fence with a white, black, or even green appearance.

Evaluate Privacy

Standard chain link fences provide terrific security, but they may not be as private as other types of fence designs. In order to boost the privacy of your chain link fence, you may want to consider including privacy slats in your installation. Privacy slats are inexpensive, and can be woven directly into the surface of your fence. By including privacy slats, you can ensure that your property is totally private and secure.

Research Gauges

As you are planning your chain link fence, you will also need to research what gauge of wire will be appropriate for your needs. Typically, residential chain link fences use 11 gauge fence wire. If you are planning an industrial chain link fence installation, you will typically use 9 gauge wire for your fencing. To ensure that you choose the right materials for your needs, be sure to contact a fencing contractor near you.