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Chain link fences are practical, durable, and economical. If you have a chain link fence on your residential, multi-dwelling, or commercial property that you would like to make more attractive, a great way to do so is by growing a vine on the chain link fence. At A-1 Fence, one of the leading fence contractors in San Jose, we have spoken with many property owners that have had success growing vines on their chain link fence. Here are our suggestions for the best vines to cover a chain link fence.

chain link fencing

Of the annual vines that work best for fencing in San Jose, you can choose from Black-eyed Susan vine, Cypress vine, Cup and saucer vine, Morning glory, and Moonflower. Perennial vines also look great on a chain link fence. For perennials, we recommend Fiveleaf akebia, Passionflower, Clematis, and Trumpet vine. Remember that some vines need more maintenance than others to keep them from growing out of control.