San Jose Fence Chain Link & Iron Fence Maintenance

Keeping Bay Area Fences at Their Best

Your fence offers you security and boundaries, but it can also take a lot of wear and tear. Rather than getting a new fence, turn to our Bay Area fence services for maintenance services. With more than 40 years of experience, a wide variety of services, and a long list of satisfied customers, our company can help make your life a little bit easier.

Through ongoing maintenance we can provide the following:

  • Emergency service when you need it most
  • Assessments to determine any areas that need to be addressed
  • Fence Repair services to correct any damage
  • Strengthen your fence so that it continues to last
  • Aesthetic enhancement so that your fence looks its best
  • Ongoing service to help avoid the need for serious repairs

Take advantage of our free estimate on fence services and find out more about the quality service and competitive rates that we provide by contacting our office at 408-259-2955.

Cleaning Your Chain Link Fence

While a chain link fence should stand you in good stead for decades, you may need to clean it from time to time in order to keep it looking sparkling and new. While you are cleaning, you can also inspect the fence to see if there are any areas in need of replacement. Here are some tips for keeping your chain link fence clean:

  • You can begin by brushing the surface of your chain link fence with a broom to knock off any spider webs, plant debris, and dirt that is sticking to it. Next, spray your fence down with a garden hose to get rid of rust and built-up dirt. Remove any additional rust using a wire brush, and scrub off any remaining dust with an old rag.
  • Pick a warm day when the sun is shining to clean your chain link fence so that your fence will dry thoroughly. You should also be sure to wear eye protection to prevent dust from getting in your eyes.
  • After you are finished cleaning your chain link fence, be sure to take a few minutes to trim any weeds that are growing around it, as well as to clear away any leaves or other debris that has collected near it.  Read our blog to learn how to prevent grass and weeds from growing under your chain link fence.

If you’re in need of a fence contractor in the San Jose area, look to A-1 Fence Inc. You can schedule a free consultation for your fencing project—whether you want an iron fence, chain link fence in San Jose—by calling us at (408) 259-2955.

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