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If your property is in need of additional privacy and security, you may want to consider a chain link fence installation. While a chain link fence is a highly functional choice for your yard, this fence style is not as ornamental as a wrought iron or wooden fence. To boost the style and character of your chain link fence, you may want to paint your new fence after it is installed. A contractor specializing in fencing in San Jose can provide you with the ideas and equipment needed to apply a fresh coat of paint to your fence. Read on for some handy tips for painting a chain link fence.

chain link fence

Prepare the Area

Since a chain link fence does not have a solid, flat surface, your paint may drip as it is applied. To prevent spilling paint on your grass or yard, it is important to prepare the area beneath the fence before you start painting. For example, you can lay down drop cloths or tarps to catch any paint drips that occur as you are painting.

Choose Your Painting Equipment

You will have a couple of different options when you are choosing your painting equipment for your chain link fence painting project. For example, a heavy nap roller can be used to paint large sections of your fence. Since this equipment is powered by hand, it can take more time to paint large fence areas. To speed up your painting, you may want to choose a paint spray gun.

Touch Up With a Brush

Whether you use a heavy nap roller or a paint spray gun to paint your chain link fence, there is a good chance that you will miss small sections as you are painting. To ensure that your chain link fence has a polished and professional look after you are finished, it is a great idea to perform a final touch up using a small paint brush.