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Repair or Replace your Fence

Although many types of fencing are designed to last, issues such as weather, accidents, and age may impact the appearance or function of these structures. If you’re planning to repair or replace your fence, then consider the following factors to help determine which option is right for you!

Your Local Jurisdiction

Among the first things you should do when considering whether to repair or replace your fence is to check your area’s zoning laws. Not taking this step is among the most common errors that homeowners make when they opt to replace their old fencing, sometimes leaving them with hefty fees to pay. For example, even if you intend to replace your fence with one that is identical in size and material, you may still require a permit for the project. If you’re a member of a homeowner’s association, then investigate its requirements for fencing, as well. Taking these steps can help you decide whether repair or replacement is your best option.

Your Fencing Issues

Establishing the extent of the problems affecting your fence is important for determining whether repair or replacement is the most practical option. If fencing has suffered damage due to an accident, then only a panel or so may be affected, which would make repair a smart choice. However, if your fencing is aging and showing signs of rot, warping, or cracking throughout the structure, then replacement may be your best bet.

Your Personal Preferences

Lastly, if you’re still on the fence about repair or replacement, then consider how happy you’ve been with the structure’s performance. Does it provide you with the amount of privacy that you want? Would you prefer something in a different style or color? If you’re less than satisfied with the overall look or function of your fence, then now may be a good time to invest in something better suited to your needs.

Whether you need to repair a few fence panels or replace your existing fencing in San Jose, let the experts at A-1 Fence Inc. help. To receive your free estimate, contact us today at 832-962-4765.