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a man installing fences

A new iron fence will be built to last throughout the years and seasons. Even the sturdiest fence, however, may eventually need maintenance and attention from a licensed fencing contractor. Taking the time to repair your fence will help to make sure that your fencing materials remain in great condition for many decades. Let’s review some answers to the most commonly asked questions about fence repair.

What Are Common Causes of Fence Damage?

When your fence is in need of repair, it is important to identify what has caused the damage in the first place. Extreme storms and other inclement weather conditions can cause damage to a fence. Other causes of fence damage include intentional vandalism, car accidents, or unintentional stress on a fence’s support structures. Over time, a fence will also experience a certain degree of natural wear and tear.

Why Is Prompt Fence Repair Important?

In the event that you notice damage to the fencing around your property, you may find yourself tempted to wait on scheduling professional repairs. However, prompt fence repair is vital for preserving the integrity and overall quality of your fence. Waiting to schedule fence repairs could also make your property more vulnerable to intruders.

Who Should Perform Fence Repairs?

If your fence shows signs of significant damage, you may be wondering whom you should call to perform your repairs. Rather than hiring a general contractor for repairs, it is a good idea to work with a fencing specialist. Your specialist will have the tools that are needed to properly fix your iron fence. By taking the time to hire a reputable and experienced contractor, you can achieve the best results from your repairs.

At A-1 Fence, we have served the Bay Area with quality fencing services since 1990. From gates to wrought iron fencing equipment, we service all types of fencing in San Jose. For more information about how we can restore your damaged fence to perfect condition, give us a call at 832-962-4765.