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chain link fence

chain link fence makes a durable and functional addition to any property. Whether you are securing your property against possible intruders, or are seeking to contain children or animals, a new chain link fence near San Jose will be sure to meet your needs. By design, the ironworks that make up a chain link fence create natural openings that can provide a peek into what is on the other side of the barrier. If you are concerned about privacy on your property, you may want to consider adding fence panels or other materials to prevent others from seeing through your fence. Here is a look at some effective methods for adding privacy to a chain link fence.

Add Privacy Fence Slats

Privacy fence slats are a great way to make your home even more secluded. Along with increasing your level of privacy, slats can provide your property with protection against wind and even reduce the amount of noise you are exposed to. Since privacy fence slats can be purchased in a wide variety of materials and styles, you can even use them to make your fence more aesthetically pleasing. Whether you would like to make your fence blend in with your shrubbery or create an eye-catching design, slats are a smart choice for your property.

Add Thoughtful Landscaping

Another effective way to boost the degree of privacy around your chain link fence is to create a thoughtfully crafted landscape design to complement it. Shrubs, trees, and other types of plants can be strategically placed along the perimeter of your chain link fence. As your foliage grows and matures, you will be provided with a natural fence barrier. Vines are good for making your fence more private, and they can also make it more attractive to look at. Your fence contractor in San Jose can provide you with more information about all of your metal fencing options.