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In order for your fence to provide your property with beauty and security, it is important to keep it properly repaired. Whether you have a chain link fence or cast iron fence, there may eventually come a time when your fence requires maintenance and repairs from a certified technician. To help you decide when it is time to call your fencing company, here is an overview of some of the most common types of fence repairs.

Correcting Crooked Posts

When your fence is initially installed, your fencing technician will take special care to make sure that its posts are level with the ground. If the surrounding soil shifts over the years and seasons, your posts may gradually start to lean to one side or the other. By digging up the area and correcting the angle of your posts, your technician can restore the stability of your fence.

Replacing Missing Panels

If a panel or section of your fence gets damaged or falls away completely, your fence will no longer be able to keep your property completely secure. While chain link and wrought iron fences are less susceptible to breakage, it is important to continually evaluate your fence for signs of weak areas that could be accessed by intruders.

Fixing Rusted Metal

Both chain link and iron fences should be very resistant to wear and tear from the elements. If the protective coating of your fence wears away, however, your metal fence could be at risk of rusting. Sanding and repainting the fence will correct the rusting issue and restore the quality of your fence installation.

If you need repair services for your iron fence in San Jose, contact A-1 Fence. Our company offers a variety of gorgeous fence designs, and we can help you keep your fencing looking great throughout the years. To learn more about how we can build and maintain a beautiful fence for your property, give us a call at 832-962-4765.