What You Should Know Before Installing a New Fence

As beneficial as a new fence can be for your home or place of work, there are some factors to consider before you get the installation process started. Think about why you want this home addition, where you can keep your pets during installation, and how the composition of your property comes into play. Read on and learn what you should know before installing a new fence.

What You’re Looking For

Even if you’ve never purchased a fence of your own before, you’re probably aware that there are many options to choose from. You should never rush your decision when making a significant investment, so think about what made you decide to get a new fence in the first place. It pays to consider the pros and cons that different options can offer. If you’ve done your research but you’re still not sure which type of fence is right for you, you can ask the professionals for help.

Where to Keep Your Pets and Kids

Pets and young children tend to be sensitive to their environments in certain circumstances, which is why moving to a new home can be challenging. If you’re putting up a new fence on your property, it might be a good idea to keep pets and children away from the area until the project has been finished. They might not fully understand what’s going on, which could make them agitated or anxious, so consider keeping them distracted inside the house.

How Your Property Affects Installation

It’s a good idea to take a walk around your property and look for any obstacles that might get in the way of a new fence installation before you’re underway. Anything from a misplaced basketball hoop to undesirable soil conditions can complicate the fence installation process, so tackle these elements beforehand.

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Get Ready for Pool Season by Learning How to Recognize Drowning

Kids look forward to pool season, but parents need to keep a watchful eye out. Without a pool fence, children and animals could wander into the pool area. Watch this video on recognizing drowning to prepare for summer.

Recognizing the signs of someone drowning makes you better able to do something about the situation. A drowning person’s head will likely bob up and down, above and below the surface of the water. They may instinctively use their arms to keep their heads above water, which means they can’t wave for help. The body is usually vertical, and the head may be tilted backwards.

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How to Prevent Damage to Your Fencing

Your fences won’t last forever if you don’t take care of them, but regular maintenance can make a huge difference. It’s a good idea to go with durable materials that will last over time, keep children from playing on the structure, and use a security system to protect your investment. Here’s a look at how to prevent damage to your fencing.

Choose Durable Materials

Not all fences are the same, which is why it’s a good idea to look at your options and choose a material that will stand the test of time. Materials like wrought iron are known to stand up over time, and this durable metal shouldn’t show too much damage from the elements. If you want fencing that will successfully resist damage, wrought iron may be your prime choice.

Don’t Play on the Fence

Kids will play just about anywhere if they can get away with it, but this comes with its drawbacks. Some types of fences are easier to climb than others, making them more appealing to children who are looking to do something with all of the energy they always have stored up. If you want to keep your new fence looking as pristine as it can, you should remind your children not to play around on it. In addition to protecting your investment, you can protect your children from injuries.

Install a Security System

It’s not feasible to keep an eye on your fence all day and all night, but your security camera can. If you’re worried about vandals and crooks trying to mess with your fencing, then a security system may be an excellent idea for your property. Even if someone damages your fence, you’ll be able to use your security system to find out who it was.

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Making an Informed Decision When Selecting a New Fence

A new fence can dramatically alter the style and layout of your property. When you have decided that you are ready for a new fencing installation, it is essential to do your research about the different fence styles and materials that are available for your home. By taking the time to gather information about fence materials, you can rest assured that you have made the right choice for your fence design. Here are some ways that you can make an informed decision when selecting a new fence.

Consider Why You Are Installing a Fence

In order to achieve the best results from your fence installation, you should start by carefully considering why you are choosing to install a fence in the first place. While some fences are primarily designed for additional security, other fence styles are more decorative. By evaluating your reasons for installing a fence, you can design a fence that meets your needs for function and design.

Ask About Maintenance Requirements

As you are picking out a new fence for your yard, you will also want to gather information about the maintenance requirements of your fencing materials. While a wooden fence will require yearly maintenance and upkeep, an iron fence will stand for decades before it needs major repairs.

Consult With Your Homeowners Association

Before you embark on your fencing installation, it is very important to take the time to consult with your Homeowners Association or other local authorities. Your Homeowners Association may have specific rules and regulations regarding the height, style, and placement of your fence. By following these regulations, you can avoid receiving a fine.

Once you have chosen the right fencing for your property, get in touch with A-1 Fence to being your fencing installation project. We offer quality fences in San Jose, and our team can help you design a wrought iron fence that meets all of your specifications. Give us a call at (408) 259-2955 to get started on the fence design process.