Protect Your Pets with a Fence

Installing a Dog Fence in San Jose

As a pet lover, you want to do everything you can to keep your furry family members safe. Safety is particularly important if your pets frequently go outdoors. Unfortunately, there are a lot of potential dangers outside, including cars and wildlife. Installing a dog fence on your property can help keep your pets safe in addition to providing you with more privacy and enhancing your outdoor décor. Here are a few ways your fence contractor can help protect your pets.

Prevent Roaming

If you let your dog or cat go outside unsupervised, they’re probably going to explore. This can be very dangerous, even if you live in an area with low traffic. For one, there’s a greater chance that your pet will get lost. Installing a chain link or wrought iron fence will keep your pet safely on your property. You’ll just need to make sure that the fence is too tall for them to jump over.

Keep out Wildlife

Of course, there’s always the possibility that danger could come to your yard in the form of a raccoon, feral cat, or other type of wild animal . These animals can harm your pet in a fight, or even transmit rabies. Though some animals may be able to jump over a fence, it’s still more of a deterrent than no fence at all. A fence should keep your pet safe during the day; it’s a good idea to bring your pet inside at night to prevent a nasty encounter.

Avoid Accidents

As a pet owner, you have a responsibility to keep your pet safe and keep others safe from your pet. Installing a fence on your property will prevent your dog from running out into the street, and will also protect passersby from harm. Even if you have the sweetest dog in the world, there’s always the possibility that he can cause a personal injury, for which you may be deemed liable.

Whether you’re looking to keep your pets safe with a chain link fence or a wrought iron fence , the experts at A-1 Fence Inc. can help you out. We’re happy to install top-notch fences throughout the San Jose area. Call our office at (408) 259-2955 if you have any questions.

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