Types of Automated Gates

At A-1 Fence Inc., we have installed a wide variety of gates in San Jose made from many different materials. If you want easy, secure access to your home, one of our automatic gates is an excellent option.

The sliding automatic gate is one of the most common types we install. Its space-saving design is ideal for residential driveways with limited space. The swing gate is another type of gate we offer, which can be made to swing out or in. Our overhead, barrier, and “tigers’ teeth” gates offer a stylistic touch to your residential or commercial property. To keep your automatic gate secure, it can only be opened through an access device such as your phone, a keypad, or an access card. We offer hydraulic or mechanical gate openers that can be powered by electricity or solar panels that we can install for you.

Sliding Automatic Gate by A-1 Fence Inc in San Jose

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